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Garry Moore
Master Colorist And Stylist

Hailing originally from Dublin, Ireland, Garry brings over a decade of profound experience in the hair industry. His journey commenced with training in some of Dublin's premier salons, where his fervor for hairstyling first took root. Transitioning to a prominent salon in Dublin City Centre, his passion for the craft flourished. Specializing in balayage and highlights, Garry possesses an extensive understanding of color techniques, coupled with precise cutting skills.


His approach to client consultations involves a deep understanding of their desires, followed by meticulous planning to achieve their hair aspirations. Witnessing the radiant joy on clients' faces upon revealing the finished look is what fuels Garry's enthusiasm. For him, fostering strong, amiable relationships with clients is paramount. Garry ensures his clients feel at ease and trust his expertise, all while sharing laughter and creating an enjoyable salon experience.

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