• Firstly protect your home and yourself from stains.

  • Cover any surface around you including countertops and floors (paper towels near by for any spills).

  • Secure the cape around your shoulders to catch any color that may drip off your hair during application.

  • Brush out any tangles in your hair to ensure for easy and even application.

  • Put on the gloves provided with the color kit.

  • Remove the color and developer from the two containers in your kit and place in the bowl provided, mix and ensure the ingredients are well combined to a smooth consistency.


  • Use a comb and separate your hair into four quadrants to make the application process easier.

  • Apply the color mixture to your regrowth only

  • Sectioning each quadrant into quarter inch subsections. Use the end of applicator brush to separate the hair.

  • Apply the color first on the areas most visible around the hairline and on your part.

  • If you have highlighted hair please take extra care during application to avoid staining the pre lightened areas.                       

  • Once all the regrowth in each quadrant is fully saturated set a timer for 35 mins, stubborn regrowth might need a little longer. Make sure you follow directions exactly.

Rinse, Cleanse, Condition

  • Rinse the color out completely with warm water by tilting your head back until the water runs clear.

  • Wipe off excess color from forehead and neck with damp cloth.

  • Shampoo twice, thoroughly, then condition your hair and rinse to finish.

IMPORTANT: Color results will be similar, but not the same as in-salon services as these formulations are designed purely to cover the white / lift the hair vs the in-salon application and formulation so results will vary. Inconsistencies are expected due to application and saturation. 

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