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Master Colorist,  Extension Specialist


Jade has been in the industry since 2007 and over the years has gained extensive knowledge in the industry and has a very strong passion for color.  Jade specialize in blondes and has a reputation for creating some of the most beautiful balayage and highlight creations in the city. Problem solving is one of her strong suits and takes extreme care and precision with her color corrections. Jades other main passion is extensions and works with all types of hair. Her application and attention to detail shows how much she wants to please her clients and give them the hair of their dreams.


Her thorough consultation puts clients at ease as Jade wants to understand and discuss what is currently going on with your hair, what your hair goals are and how she will achieve a beautiful outcome. Some of Jades work has even been featured in Culture, Globe Style and Blowe magazine! She can’t wait to get her hands in your hair! 

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