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Mens Hair Systems, A New You!

Hair Loss can be a stressful road and can turn your life upside down. When dealing with hairloss its always hard to figure out what the best option is for you and what will suit your lifestyle. At The Cellar Salon we pride ourselves on creating a personal experience in our private room, where we guide you through your hair restoration journing. Hair Systems have the ability to boost your confidence and literally change your life in just a couple of hours.

Here are the steps we take to ensure you get the best results possible:

Step 1: We provide a thorough consultation to get as much information as possible to ensure optimum results.

Step 2: After your consultation we arrange and order your custom hair system

Step 3: We book your appointment for the installation of your new system.

Step 4: On installation day we apply your new hair, cut and style to perfection.

Step 5: We give you all the tools and information to maintain your system and keep you looking your very best.

Step 6: We arrange a schedule for removal and reapplication. 

To book your consultation please contact our front of house on 416-925-3292 or email us at

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