To our dear Cellar Salon family,


I hope you are all keeping safe during this challenging time. Thank you for the many emails with your well wishes and requests to come to the salon once we are allowed open our doors. Many clients, regular and new, have reached out looking for future appointments and to be put on a list for when we reopen doors. We have developed an online form for you to fill out to be automatically added to a list for a future appointment. To be added to the list, please visit Once a date has been given from health officials allowing us to open, you will receive a call from our front of house team to arrange your appointment. There are a number of clients that were previously booked prior to us closing, these few clients will be seen to first.


We appreciate the questions and concerns you might have when we do reopen, so we have created a plan of action to ensure the utmost safety for all clients and team members while ensuring that you still have your unique salon experience. We await further instruction and criteria from health officials in relation to opening but this is our initial plan to make you feel safe and comfortable at The Cellar Salon. Please note that this plan is a guideline and may change depending on the opening criteria set in place by Health Canada.


When scheduling your appointment, our front of house will ask some general questions and guide you through our new process. If you, or anyone you are living with, have currently traveled or feel under the weather, we will not be able to schedule your appointment for 14 days from when you traveled or start feeling ill. Please fill out our online waiver and screening questionnaire at before your scheduled appointment. If none of this applies we are more than happy to move forward with booking your appointment. We kindly ask you to bring your own mask (no scarfs) . We have a limited supply of masks available at the salon. Masks are compulsory, no mask, no service.

  • We will be offering Tea/coffee and water in disposable paper cups with a lid and straw

  • Wine will be available in individual bottles and disposable cups for purchase

  • We will be providing short head massages to ensure a relaxing experience (no chit chat at the basin please)

  • Partial contained Self Blow drying area (To be confirmed)

  • We will be adding hot tool styling on precision dry haircuts to complete your look

  • We will be offering complimentary treatments after color and wet haircut services as we can not blowdry.

  • Two Dyson purifiers will be added to the salon. (Kill Those Germs!)

  • Added bathroom, one for staff one for guests

  • We are now opened 6 days a week Monday through Saturday 9am to 9pm

  • We love your family and friends but we ask you to arrive alone for your appointment.

  • There is no waiting area, you will receive a phone call 5 mins prior to your appointment to arrive on the premises. Please no eager beavers, grab a coffee wait in the car if your early

  • Please be in the area 5/10 mins prior to your appointment to ensure you are on time.

  • Late arrivals will not be accepted for service as we have to run a tight ship, no exceptions, although we can give a 5/10 min window but no later.

  • Please understand that sometimes our hardworking stylists can run behind by a few mins due to added cleaning measures to ensure your safety.

  • Please leave coats and extra bags at home where possible.

  • No cash, card only

  • Retail will be displayed in the salon as usual, if you wish to purchase please ask front of house as stock will be behind the desk

  • Upon your arrival your temperature will be taken using a non contact digital monitor

  • Ensure you have your mask on when you walk into the premises

  • Please sanitize or wash your hands immediately when you come into the salon .

  • Unfortunately, as much as we want to hug each other we have to avoid doing so 

  • A disposable gown will be handed to you and you will be seated.

  • You will be offered a beverage but must dispose of all items yourself

  • Please eat before your appointment as no food can be on the premises.

  • Minimum chat in your chair and facing the mirror to create a safer environment.

  • Hand sanitizer available throughout the salon for your use

  • In regards to your services at the moment we will not be providing Blowdrys as this does spread particles throughout the salon. We have created a few options to make sure we keep everyone beautiful and as safe as possible.

  • Dry Haircuts: Arrive with clean straightish and fully dry hair. We will execute a beautiful precise haircut along with flat Iron beach waves/curls or sleek look so you feel finished.

  • Wet Haircut: Arrive as normal we will wash your hair with a light massage and then cut your hair. To finish we will place an intense moisture treatment into the hair for you to wash rinse and dry when you arrive home.

  • All Colour services will be executed as normal but you will leave the salon with wet hair and a complimentary treatment.

  • Blow-dry Area: This option is still to be determined and we will await direction from health officials. We are currently looking into creating a partially closed off area with a Dyson air purifier in place for clients to blowdry their own hair before leaving the salon. This will not always be available as we can only place two clients at any given time. We will keep you updated on this option.

  • Up-styling will still be available

  • 10 week Keratin blow-dry treatments are not available at this time

  • We will not be raising our service prices

  • A PPE fee of $5 will be added to your service due to extra PPE expenses

  • Service pricing will remain the same (This is due to the reduced capacity the salon will be forced to run at and added cleaning times between clients to ensure your safety. We have however substituted added services such as hot tool styling and hair treatments.)

  • Stylists will wear masks throughout your service

  • Our team will wash their hands after every client and throughout the day.

  • Stylists will wear face screens during all services or select services

  • All employees will sanitize regularly

  • Each of our team will have their temperature taken every day and go through a screening process

  • Each employee will wear a washable apron during services

  • The Cellar team will work hard to keep all areas of the salon sanitized

  • Our employees will abide by social distancing among each other as much as possible

  • Barbicide will be used to sanitize all tools

  • Regular scheduled cleaning on door handles and more popular used areas will be implemented.

  • Sanitizer will be placed throughout the salon

  • We have increased the frequency of our in-house cleaning at the salon.

  • Bathroom checks will be done on a regular basis

  • We are using the recommended cleaning tools and products throughout the salon to ensure proper sanitation

  • Plexi Glass screen will be placed on our reception desk

  • All styling chairs will be placed apart at the recommended distance

  • We will be working with a reduced staff to ensure safety

  • We have a planned traffic flow throughout the salon to promote social distancing

  • Stations will be sanitized after each client

  • Wash basins will be cleaned after each client

  • No magazines or tablets will be offered

  • Dyson air purifiers will be placed around the salon to promote clean air.

  • Where possible doors will be left open to reduce touch

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We want to make sure this experience doesn’t feel too clinical so we will ensure that you have a relaxing experience and feel good leaving us. Your health and need to feel safe is paramount to us and we strive to ensure you feel safe as well as pampered at the same time. We will do our very best to treat you like kings and queens. and can not wait to see your wonderful faces soon!
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