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Sarah Scanlon
Master Colorist & Stylist

With an impressive tenure of over 9 years in the hair and beauty industry, Sarah is a seasoned professional who brings a touch of European flair to her craft, hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Ireland. Sarah's journey in the industry is not just about time served; it's a narrative woven with extensive knowledge in all things hair and beauty, infusing her practice with a unique blend of expertise.

Sarah's approach to hairstyling is marked by in-depth consultations, emphasizing the importance of connecting with her clients on a personal level. This priority reflects her commitment to understanding each individual's aspirations, ensuring that every client walks away with the hair of their dreams.

Specializing in color, cut, and styling, Sarah has carved a niche for herself with a focus on blondes. Her meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creating Instagram-worthy hair sets her apart. From classic highlights to the artistic nuances of balayage, Sarah fearlessly pushes boundaries to produce the most beautiful hair art while prioritizing the health of her clients' hair.

Beyond her technical prowess, it's Sarah's vibrant personality and professional vibes that leave a lasting impression. Her bubbly nature creates an environment where clients are not just recipients of exceptional hairstyling but partners in the creation of a personalized and beautiful look. With Sarah, it's more than a hairstyling session; it's an experience infused with creativity, skill, and a touch of Irish charm. Get ready to fall in love with everything Sarah brings to the table, as she transforms not just hair but also the way you experience beauty.

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