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Gary Moore
Master Colorist And Stylist

Hailing originally from the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland, Garry emerges as a seasoned hairstylist with over a decade of profound experience in the dynamic realm of hairdressing. His journey commenced with immersive training in some of Dublin's premier salons, where the seeds of his fervor for hairstyling were sown. As he transitioned to a prominent salon in the heart of Dublin City Centre, Garry's passion for the craft not only flourished but found a niche in the specialized artistry of balayage and highlights. Garry isn't just a hairstylist; he's an artist, armed with a deep understanding of color techniques and precise cutting skills that set him apart.

At the core of Garry's approach lies an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. His client consultations transcend the ordinary; they are immersive sessions where Garry listens intently to the nuanced needs and desires of each individual. Armed with this insight, he engages in meticulous planning, endeavoring to transform their hair aspirations into tangible works of art. The true zenith of Garry's joy is unveiled when he reveals the finished look, basking in the radiant happiness that lights up his clients' faces. It is this moment that not only fuels his enthusiasm but reaffirms his love for the craft.

However, Garry's impact extends beyond the technical aspects of hairstyling. He is a warm and inviting presence, creating an atmosphere where clients feel not just heard but truly understood. Building strong, amiable relationships is at the forefront of Garry's philosophy. In his chair, clients aren't just recipients of exceptional hairstyling; they become part of an experience marked by trust, laughter, and an enjoyable salon journey.

Garry's unique blend of technical expertise, artistic flair, and warm interpersonal skills make him more than a hairstylist; he's a craftsman dedicated to turning each visit into a memorable and delightful exploration of personal style and beauty.

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