Dear Cellar Salon Family,


With the rise in numbers of Covid-19 transmissions and the new variants, we as a personal care business are obligated to make sure we keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. At The Cellar Salon we truly care for our team and you as clients, we see you all as family and want you to have a safe home to visit when you come to see us. 


Effective today Wednesday October 20th, we will be servicing clients who have had two doses of the Covid-19 vaccination. Please fill out our online waiver at before your appointment. On the day of your appointment please bring in a valid form of Identification (Drivers Licence/Health Card/Passport) along with your Vaccine Passport.


We will accommodate clients who have proof of a medical/religious exemption and children under the age of 12 along with a negative Covid test 48 hours prior to their appointment. This will be dealt with on a case by case bases, please contact us directly via email at  We believe in inclusion of all but we must do this in a way that we deem safe by following all the safety guidelines that have been made available to us.


Our team want to make sure you all feel at ease and create a safer space for you to experience. Everyone on our team are fully vaccinated and follow protocols to ensure your safety. To create another layer of protection amongst everyone, all team members take a rapid test once a week as a prevention method in spreading Covid19.


I think we have all seen enough lockdowns, deaths, overworked healthcare workers and severe mental health disorders due to Covid-19 and all of its variants. I hope you all respect our decision as a small business who are trying to do our very best for you as a client, our staff and the community. Thank you for continuing to support our business during these times.


Warm regards,


The Cellar Salon Team