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Master Colorist,  Extension Specialist


Since entering the hairstyling realm in 2007, Jade has become a seasoned professional, amassing a wealth of knowledge and fostering a profound passion for color. With a focus on blondes, she has solidified her reputation as a luminary in the field, renowned for crafting some of the most exquisite balayage and highlight creations within the city.

Jade's expertise extends beyond the artistry of color; she is also a virtuoso in problem-solving, displaying exceptional skill and precision in color corrections. Her dedication to achieving flawless results is evident, reflecting her commitment to providing clients with hair transformations that exceed their expectations.

Another cornerstone of Jade's expertise lies in her proficiency with extensions, catering to all hair types. Her meticulous application and keen attention to detail underscore her genuine desire to fulfill her clients' hair dreams. For Jade, each extension is not just a strand of hair; it is an opportunity to enhance beauty and confidence.

Jade's client-centric approach is epitomized by her thorough consultations, where she puts clients at ease by delving into the nuances of their hair. She seeks to understand their current hair situation, discern their hair goals, and strategize how to achieve a beautiful and satisfying outcome. Her commitment to open communication ensures a collaborative process, where clients feel heard and confident in the direction of their hair journey.

Jade's outstanding work has even graced the pages of prominent publications like Culture, Globe Style, and Blowe magazine, attesting to the recognition she has garnered within the industry. With each accolade, Jade's passion for her craft is reinforced, and she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to weave her magic into the strands of every client's hair, transforming visions into reality with each touch.

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