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Expert in Braiding and Weave Installation

     Junior Colorist & Hairstylist


Shandella's captivating journey into the world of hairstyling began in the heart of her family, where her mother's skilled hands introduced her to the intricate art of hair braiding amidst the idyllic landscapes of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Even in her early years, Shandella emerged as the designated family hairstylist, weaving together fanciful braids, mastering flawless blowouts, and offering an array of styles that showcased a natural talent beyond her years.

Over the span of the past eight years, Shandella's expedition took her from the sun-drenched embrace of her tropical homeland to the diverse landscapes of Canada. There, she embarked on a transformative educational journey, completing a distinguished hair-styling program. This cross-cultural immersion has enriched her skills, creating a vibrant tapestry of techniques that reflects both her roots and the global influences she absorbed.

For Shandella, hair is not merely a collection of strands; it is a canvas for the art of beauty and self-expression. In her philosophy, each individual's hair is a living testament to their inherent beauty, and her greatest joy is facilitating a transformative experience for clients, leaving them not only adorned with stunning hairstyles but also filled with newfound confidence.

Shandella's expertise extends beyond the ordinary, encompassing relaxing techniques, the poetic dance of braiding, and the skillful installation of beautiful weaves. With every client, she approaches their hair as a unique creation, dedicating herself to surpassing expectations and ensuring each person leaves with a style that resonates with their individuality.

In the vast cosmos of hairstyling, Shandella stands as a radiant star, celebrated for both her raw talent and unwavering determination. Her friendly and approachable nature, coupled with her artistic mastery, transforms her into more than just a hairstylist; she becomes an architect of self-confidence, crafting beautiful expressions of individuality, one exquisite style at a time.

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