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Color Specialist, Master Stylist & Celebrity Makeup Artist

Embarking on a hairstyling adventure 15 years ago in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, Jeff has since become a maestro in the art of hair, bringing his expertise to Toronto since 2010. Jeff is not just a hairstylist; he's a master in the craft.

Picture this: a journey where each strand tells a story, and every client is a canvas awaiting transformation.


Jeff thrives on being part of the entire makeover journey—from the initial spark of an idea to the final dazzling result. His mission is clear: to not only make hair look fantastic but to make his clients feel incredibly confident. Jeff's consultations are like friendly chats, where he dives into all the details, be it the perfect color, a precise cut, or the magic of makeup.

Now, let's talk makeup. Jeff sees it as an art form—his personal canvas where he creates beauty. Whether it's a complete makeover or a lesson in makeup tricks, Jeff shares celebrity secrets to help clients enhance their natural allure. From grand occasions like weddings to cozy nights binge-watching Netflix, Jeff is your go-to for all things beauty.

Jeff's journey isn't just limited to salons; it's a dynamic tale that unfolds on stages, movie sets, and even TV. He's graced New York Fashion Weeks and has been a key player at the Toronto International Film Festival since 2012. Jeff's work in the movie industry has opened doors to collaborations with celebrities, directors, and producers, injecting an extra dose of excitement and fun into his career.

In each precise cut and every stroke of makeup, Jeff's mastery shines through. He's not just creating hairstyles; he's crafting experiences that leave clients feeling both beautiful and self-assured. So, when you think of Jeff, think of a master hairstylist who's not just transforming hair; he's sculpting stories of confidence and beauty.

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